Preparing For IIT-JEE? Here Are Some Great Tips.

A student who intends to turn out an engineer, studying in an IIT institute is their biggest dream. A mass of the best engineers has been produced by more than one reputable IIT coaching institute in Delhi. These institutes have been holding up a top position in the industry for a long time. The well-known IIT entrance exam i.e. IIT-JEE is considered as one of the most challenging ones in India. To prepare for IIT-JEE, you have to clear and augment your concepts. All you have to do is to make efforts to clear more and more concepts and finally to plan and strategize to emerge a winner.

Planning:- One of the most important components to fast clear your IIT-JEE is rigorous planning. For that matter, it is very necessary to plan to crack any other competitive exam. To begin the preparations for any competitive exam, it is never too early. You can start your preparations as early as in class 10th or even before that if you are much focused. If you were not so enthusiastic about it in class 10th after class 12th also you can focus all your energies on the preparations of the IIT-JEE.

Clear Your Basic Concepts:- First of all, know that all IIT aspirants at whichever stage they are in (either class 10th or above) should first make sure that their concepts are clear. The IIT-JEE entrance exam syllabus consists of three sections – physics, chemistry, and mathematics, which are mostly from the class 11th and 12th syllabus. Make sure that while preparing for the IIT-JEE exam, your basic concepts in each of these subjects (PCM) should be clear.

Problem Solving:- After you are through with class 11th & 12th theory & concepts, you should start solving entrance type questions in each subject from some good IIT-JEE guide or some other relevant study materials. Study those topics again in which your already gained knowledge is not enough to solve all questions. So, get your fundamentals clear in them.

For developing problem-solving skills, you can follow the same steps given above.

Model question Papers/Test Series: Solve model question papers in each subject to further strengthen your chances of clearing the entrance exam. Focus extra on those topics, which you feel are the most difficult for you. For some more practice, you can also join the test series of any good coaching institute in Delhi.

Topping Off:- If followed conscientiously, you will certainly be able to easily clearly IIT-JEE and other engineering entrance exams like AIEEE and BITS-Pilani entrance etc. In IIT-JEE, you need to have a strong foundation for each subject to clear the entrance exam. So, apart from joining a reputable IIT coaching institute in Delhi, thoroughly read your textbooks and make your study plan according to your study style and convenience.

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