Must Ask Yourself These 11 Questions Before Taking a Big Decision

Making a big decision is not easy. You surely feel apprehensive. Additionally, it is advisable not to take any big decision in a whim. So, check out the must ask yourself 11 questions before making your decision.

  1. What are the short and long term effects?
    Do not just consider the short and medium term effects, but the long term effects as well.
  1. What are the best and the worst case outcomes?
    Before making the decision, consider the best outcome and the cost of the worst outcome. Are you positive about the best outcome and will you be able to afford or face the worst outcome?
  1. How long have I been looking forward to it?
    The length of time when you have been thinking about the decision will indicate how much importance it is. The longer you have been thinking about it, the more important it is for you.
  1. How committed I am to this change?
    Are you fully committed to the change or you are still in doubts. If your level of commitment is 7 or above, it will indicate a strong commitment level!
  1. What is driving my decision?
    It is crucial to understand what is driving your decision. There are times when people confuse their desires which is actually very simple. Usually, we all desire companionship, security, independence or approval!
  1. What do my loved ones have to say about my decision?
    Ask your loved ones what they feel about your decision. Whether they are backing you or are a bit apprehensive.
  1. How will the decision change me as a person?
    Ascertain whether your decision will make you a better person, confident, independent and secured.
  1. Do you want the change or is it what expects from you?
    There are times when you make a big decision just because your partner or parents expect it from you. If you are not full convinced or you do not want the change, it is better to think twice before making the decision. Instead, sit and have a talk with your loved ones.
  1. Is it the right time?
    Make the decision only when it is the right time.
  1. If not now, then when?
    If you do not want to make the decision, set a goal or deadline when you will finally make the decision.
  1. Do you feel fear?
    Big decisions can imbibe fear. But if the decision is a positive one and your loved ones are backing you, then go for it!