Digital Wellbeing: Balancing Your Life WITHOUT an App

Digital Wellbeing doesn’t imply the wellbeing of your digital tools or technologies, but it refers to the wellbeing of yourself from extreme digital usage by the same digital tools. Most of the apps come with taps and options which show the time usage of the app by you but few others do not. 

While walking about digital wellbeing and restoring the balance in your lives, it doesn’t make sense to install yet another app to keep a track of time applied by you online or for technologies. Therefore, to help you out, we have enlisted some easy-to-do steps for balancing your life and digital wellbeing without an app.

  1. Develop A Routine

The first and foremost step in restoring a balance is to develop a routine. Yes, it is impossible to predict when you get texts on apps or when some friend suddenly asks you to do a facetime. It is also unpredictable to decide when you feel like going online or playing games but still setting a routine lets you from overusing the apps. Moreover, if not exactly the time of going online, then you can decide the time of usage, say, 2 hours a day or 1 hour a day. 

  1. Engage More In Surroundings

Digital wellbeing is not really about limiting the use of technology and digital media. It actually implies getting more time to engage in your surroundings. Going out for a walk or a run, spending time doing simple things like reading, exercising or sports to bring a balance in life. Unplug yourself from the digital world to give your mind some time to rest and relax.

  1. Build Focus

Every habit takes some time to be left and the same is the case with the technology craze. Digital wellbeing doesn’t take place overnight, it takes practice and consistency. At times when it becomes hard to follow the set routine, one must focus on the ultimate goal. Remind yourself the purpose behind wanting a balance. It helps in restoring the motivation and giving you a push.

  1. Make Time For Family

Another reason why digital wellbeing is important to restore a balance in your life without an app is that it might tell you the time you have spen online but it cannot track the time you have spent offline. You can set reminders but there has to be an urge and will to make use of those reminders. Spend more time with your family and friends. Make sure to invest your time more in the things and people that actually matter for emotional wellbeing.

  1. Be Subjective

Do not try digital wellbeing as compared to others. Be subjective with your goals of setting balance and stick to those. During different stages, ages and situations the balance between technology and real life differ. It is futile to compare the mobile usage of a teenager with elderly people. In fact different jobs have different requirements. Therefore, be subjective with deciding your goals and target your digital wellbeing accordingly.

  1. Sleep On Time

Lastly, go to sleep on time. Yes, we are not your mom or dad but we are here to give you the suitable tips, aren’t we? So, here is our last tip. Sleeping on time automatically restores mental and physical energies. However, it has been noted that unhealthy digital usage has caused many chaotic sleep cycles. Therefore, while you are at restoring your digital wellbeing, restore the appropriate sleep cycle as well because sleep care is the new self care.

Following the above mentioned points can help you extremely during the digital detoxification and improve your emotional, mental and physical health as well. These are the few tips for digital wellbeing for restoring balance in your life without an app. The best part is that these tips do not cost even a single penny.