Are You a Short-Tempered Person? This Guide will Help You Keep Calm in Tough Situations

Does no one listen to you? Do you think they are not doing that because you are yelling at them all this time?

Temperament is the greatest asset of one’s well-being. Maintaining it is the most difficult task. Losing one’ temper only does well to escalate negative circumstances. So, putting a leash on your temper is the motto of success. Patience is indeed a virtue and is superfluous for a short tempered person.

So, here is the guide to teach to help you keep calm during tough situations. In turn, you will be able to turn the circumstances in your favor.

  1. Stop whatever you are doing: The work is hectic. Your palms are sweaty. The lines on your forehead are trickling sweat alongside them. So, the first step to calm yourself is to stop your current task. It will give you time to rebalance your mental state.
  2. Take deep breaths : Breathing calms the nerves. It will help you re-invigorate your thoughts. Anger hinders clear thinking. Re-invigorating helps your mind to get back on track with a new perspective. It also focuses your senses
  3. Listen to the situation: After the first two steps, your mind is stabilized enough to accommodate and analyze the situation. A situation can either be a conversation, a project or as trivial as your computer not starting up. So, listening to it will push you to act accordingly. In other words, think before you speak.
  4. After listening the thoughts are still negative, so then what?: Drink cold water. It soothes the heart and calms the nerves. It also, to a certain degree, instills positivity.
  5. Apologize : Sometimes, arguments do take a dirty turn. Then, the turn makes you lose your composure. The loss of composure leads to a regretful statement into the conversation. There is a saying that, “Words are like arrows. Once shot, never come back”. But, a modest apology always calms the situation. It also makes you realize your misconduct and instinctually you try to rectify it in the next line your argument. It may be in vain, but chances are still there to salvage the respect and goodwill.
  6. If an apology is not your wheelhouse, there are always jokes : A true problem solver alters his attitude like a river near a turning bank. Emotional outbursts can be made light of in certain situations.

These simple guidelines can turn a person into a better individual and a better speaker.


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  1. learn to accept mistakes and be apologetic wherever you are wrong. ego is not important than people. because once left people do not come back.

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