9 Things Everyone Must Learn In This Lifetime

Life is one big school and the experiences you have are the lessons. Sometimes, it so happens that you end up missing some life lessons. In other words, you always wish you had another opportunity to complete them. However, not many realize that there are other forms in which they present themselves. So, here are nine things that everyone must learn in this reincarnation of theirs.

  1. Love is the only true panacea
    Love, especially unconditional love, is the only solution to all your problems. Have never been able to impress someone at the very first opportunity? Kill them with love. They might change their mind about you.
  1. Don’t be a toady
    Trying to please each and every individual that walks into your life is the formula for quick failure. Of course, as a human being, it is natural to seek external approval but look within you to find yourself. You wouldn’t need to please everyone after that.
  1. Live like there’s no tomorrow
    Every moment in life will not present itself to you again. There have never been second chances for anyone, which is why people keep wishing that there were time machines. So, live life like there is no tomorrow.
  1. The government will not save you
    No government will save you from any disaster. Not even media-persons will come to save you. They will only come to take videos of you when you are in times of trouble to save their own careers.
  1. Health is certainly wealth
    Just as people think of time as money, your health is most certainly your wealth. Without health, you can neither work nor do anything you want. So, take care of your health.
  1. Love yourself first
    When you learn to love yourself first, everything else will fall in place. The magic lies in giving yourself all the love before loving others. Then, others will give their love to you.
  1. Be grateful for what you have
    Make a list of the things you are grateful for and thank God and your lucky stars for everything you have got till now – food, education, clothing, shelter, etc.
  1. The world doesn’t centre around you
    The last thing on most people’s minds is another individual. If you think that everything in this world is about you, think again! Of course, you are a tiny speck in this huge world that might trigger a domino of events but then that is a different story!
  1. Debts are not necessary
    Adding to the things in your house is not necessary. After all, you are not going to take them with you after your time on this planet. Enough said!

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