Things You Should Avoid While Preparing for SSC CGL Exams

There are a lot of mistakes students usually do while preparing for SSC-CGL exams. Any SSC CGL coaching in Delhi or online coaching for SSC CGL will not discuss these mistakes with you. Here I will discuss some of the common mistakes aspirants make while pursuing SSC-CGL exams.

Studying from a lot of books
Students carry a misconception that if we refer numerous books, we will score more marks. They even take references from online coaching for SSC CGL and consider studying from as many books as they can. All this results in confusions and mixing up of all the concepts. When you prepare from a lot of books, you get to know different tricks and patterns mentioned differently in every book. And at the time of exam, you tend to waste a lot of your time thinking about which trick you should apply.

Taking general awareness for granted, and too much or too low preference for a single subject
Candidates think that general awareness is an easy subject and they can study it anytime after completion of preparations for all the other subjects. But they forget that general awareness is the only subject in which they can fetch a lot of marks. In addition to this students should not forget that every section in SSC CGL exam carries equal weightage, so all the subjects should be given equal time and importance while preparing for the exams.

Depending only on the short tricks
Students mostly depend on the short tricks to solve the questions, majorly when it comes to quantitative aptitude. Because SSC CGL exam is a time-based exam, students try to solve a lot of question using short tricks, to save some portion of their time. But questions can come in any form, and when a question arrives in a modified form, students get confused and fail to solve that question. That’s why it is very important for you to grab the conceptual knowledge too, before learning the short tricks.

Avoiding revision and practice
I have seen this in more than 70% of the candidates, that at the time of exams they avoid practice and revision in their preparations. In Fact, some of them start with the new topics that were left unprepared. Here I suggest you to start with your practice and revision part at the time of exams. Remember not to start with any new topic when the exams are near.

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