In times of Covid, what smart products can be used as contactless?

World have gone virtual and online with the onset of pandemic throughout in order to avoid physical meetings and gatherings. Earlier this change seemed to be very griming for the common man providing that all are not techno savvy with equating knowledge. Furthermore, it becomes a hard nail to hit when our daily uses and livings are also gleamed upon; as corona virus persist on the surface for longer duration. There are plethora of appliances and surfaces like door bells, elevator switches, door locks, etc. that are touched by the visitors, and households and should be pondered to be reformed as contactless. Therefore, this distance have even dynamited up to various objects available at our home.  This has up surged the demand to buy smart home products which are contactless in nature.

Moreover, Smart home solutions ought to be in regard now a day, with respect to avoid physical touch and keeping it clean and virus/germs free. Thus, the traditional home appliances have been replaced by the smart gadget’s that functions to be disinfectant and sterilized. These gadgets have inbuilt sensors to minimize the risk of infections as much as possible. Following are the options of contactless smart products that makes our lives safe and secure during pandemic –

  • Scene Controllers – Scene controllers are in-built intelligent multi device operators that orchestrate all of them with a single voice command to Alexa. The task may range from curtaining the window to sprinkling the garden and turning on/off the lights just by a voice command. This not only makes the system contactless, but also saves time and energy.
  • Smart Gate Openers – While driving to or from your home you need to open/close your main gate which is definitely the first point of contact by all the visitors at your doorstep. Smart Gate Openers allow you to open/close your main gate just by a voice command or an app command from your car itself avoiding your contact with the tainted surface.
  • Smart Door Locks – By installing a video door phones you can maintain social distancing with the visitors and interact with them with the aid of this device itself.
  • Sensor Washbasin and hand dryers – May it be guest or you yourself visit washroom after entering home carrying germs/viruses with yourself. Thus, these automatic sensor washbasin helps in avoiding contact and getting rid of the infection. Similarly, hand dryers senses a hand and automatically blows hot air out of it.
  • IR Remotes – Everyone at home uses remote of TV, AC, and various other electronic appliances, transmitting germs because of multiple point of contacts. Hence IR remotes with inbuilt apps in it using IR Blaster can be operated directly through individuals mobile phones, minimizing the contact.

Thus, buying smart home products can be beneficial in times of Covid, to remain safe and contactless.