7 Ways to Converse Confidently with People!

You may just relate to this blog if you’re an introvert and struggle with conversations. It’s fine, most of us do, we just don’t talk about it. While some may resort to an email than a call, some prefer a text. Either way, we’re always running away from a possible chat or conversation. If you feel this way, the below tips may just serve you useful:
1. People usually love interacting with happy people. You wouldn’t have to fake happiness but perhaps crack a joke or two. It could just lighten the conversation and encourage you to talk further.
2. If you catch someone nod to your conversation, that’s a good sign. Try conversing with that particular person; this should help you make a friend.
3. Sometimes you may not realize it but you could be displaying your emotions especially when nervous. When conversing, make it a point to divert your emotions to a happy or excited emotion.
4. It’s okay if you’ve mispronounced a word or said something wrong when nervous. Buckle up, apologize and continue the talk. People around you may just take notice and admire your confidence.
5. Take authority in what you speak. If you feel the need to research and practice way before time, feel free to do so. It is important that you show your confidence through the authority you project. You could also consider pausing every few seconds to make sure you’re being heard.
6. Take time to listen to what the other person has to say in a conversation. Listen carefully, articulate your response and reply back carefully. Avoid being in a haste just so you can make a point before someone else does.
7. Pay attention to your tone and posture. You don’t want to be too loud nor too soft. Also pay attention to how you stand, sit or talk. Avoid hunching instead sit or stand upright.
In all, be confident and prepare yourself for a good day. The more you embrace your flaws and weaknesses, the more you’ll be able to work on them and motivate yourself.

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  1. Very nice tips. You should also focus on your appearance. People always talk to pleasing personalities, and clothes play a crucial role to maintain it.

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